QWIN CBDi Micro Dock Charger

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About QWIN CBDi Micro Dock Charger:

The Micro dock super charger is the charging adapter that utilizes any micro USB cable to charge the QWIN module in a zip. It has passthrough capabilities which allow users to continue using the module while charging. The dock also features strong neodymium magnetics that snaps onto the module allowing you take it on the go. Additionally, this creates a breakaway point to prevent damage to the module or dock should the user forget to disconnect it.

The Micro dock is already included with the QWIN module. This option is for users that want extra units for multiple charging locations at home and in the office, or to carry one on the go.

Ingredients and Certificates

Certificate of Analysis: QWIN CBDi Micro Dock Charger
    This product may contain: Contains CBD derived from Industrial Hemp.